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Turkey Time

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Ever since i started smoking about 4 years ago thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday.  I was given the honor of taking care of the bird this year so i decided on doing the buttermilk brined with garlic butter smoked turkey.  This was actually one of Jeff's recipes and i slightly modified it. 


I first brined her in 1 gallon of butter milk

1 cup salt

1 gallon of water

some seasoning


12-14 hours later a rinse...


then i packed a pound or so of a smokey garlic butter under the skin.





Currently she is 4 hours in, expecting her to come off around 1 pm will post a current q-view when i check it next.

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well she finished at 11:10 or so, in some foil and towel in a cooler waiting till dinner time.



regardless i am sure she will be tasty.

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That's one beautiful bird!!! Great Job!!! icon14.gif
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Kudos to you My Smoking Brother... Nice :drool

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