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who is smoking a big old bird?

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I am doing my first cold weather smoke. Started with lump charcoal had the vent opened most of the way. Dumped the lit coals in the basket. Then went inside to prep the bird. The cook chamber was about 210* when the turkey and beans went in. I then added some hickory chucks and oak mini splits. The cook chamber is covered with a Harbor Freight fire blanket, that is folded in half. Fifteen minutes later I go out and check and I'm pushing 330*. So I just closed down the vent.

Was afraid that I would not be able to get the cook chamber hot. I guess that is not the case and I can finish it outside. I was thinking a couple hours of smoke then finishing it inside. But now I am going to let it ride and see how my first turkey does. 

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So I choked the vent down, actually closed it for a while. Now 2.5 hours after the bird went on I am down to 210*. I added some more mini splits of oak and some cherry. Just peaked at the bird and had to move it farther away from the fire box. I normally have the charcoal pan in the cook chamber turned upside down and all the way against the cook chamber. but do to the cold weather I was afraid I would not get enough heat out of it. I should not have put it in as designed and dropped it into the lowest position. My thinking was if it was cold I cold dump lit coals in the cook chamber.


I still have faith in this being a good smoked turkey tho.

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Well I know when smoking poultry or turkeys some people cook at higher temperatures. So I was not too worried about running it hotter. But I think this bird is done. breast is at 165* thigh is about 160 so a little longer and in the cooler it goes.

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