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Turkey Pie

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Turkey Pie

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American Friends!

I thought I would join in with the celebrations and do something with Turkey.

Original idea was a Turkey Roulade. But it would not roll so it had to be Turkey Pie.

2 Turkey Leg Joints, Home Cured Bacon, Leaks and Stuffing.

Sprayed cake tin with oil, lined with the bacon, cut leek Lenght ways and used lengths of leak next to the Bacon, then unrolled the Turkey Joint, ander into the tin next. Stuffing in next, then a whole joint in the middle, cover all with stuffing.

Topped with Chopped Leeks.

Will post finished pictures later today!!!! Hope it turns out.

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧🇺🇸

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Coffee.gif, watching "Patiently" ...:rotflmao:




Have fun and . . .

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