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sand safety????

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Hey ya'll.  I just purchased me a 50 lb back of quikrete all purpose sand.  I didn't read the package until I got home and it was saying some jive about having chemicals that cause cancer.  I did some research and the best I can understand is that all sand has this going on.  SOOOO, I rinsed my sand really well until it was clear and then put it in my bbq to dry out.  During that whole time there was a vapor coming off that I am hoping was just steam from the wet sand.  


What exactly is going on? Is my sand off-gassing some nasty chemicals or is it just steam?  Also, what is this cancer business all about?  I am trying to make the jump to sand instead of water.  Thanks!  


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Should be fine.  It appears the safety issue has to do with inhaling the dust and problems caused by silica.   


Here is the safety information from Quikcrete.

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You're O.K. , it is just steam , just rocks don't give off a tasty fragrance like Tasty Animals do.. That's why I'm a lifetime Member of P.E.T.A.


Have fun and . . .

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