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First Turkey Breast and First Cold Weather Smoke

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Smoking my first turkey breasts for Thanksgiving tomorrow. Also this is my first cold weather smoke. Got two 8# breasts sitting in the smoke right now. Did a 36 hour buttermilk brine on them the last two days. It is currently 24 degrees (wind chill 12) with 14mph wins and the smoker is cranking along at around 220.

Here they are fresh from their buttermilk bath.

Here they are with some seasoning.

I usually drink some craft beer when I'm smoking but tonight I opted for some coffee in my donkey mug. Lol
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Looking good Duff. It looks pretty darn old up there. Have a blast. b

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I'd sit down to a plate of that anytime. Good job.



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Looking good there. Im right there with ya fighting winds of 25+ mph and cold. my smoker is at 230 right now but that will not last. My 18# has been in for around 6 hours and IT is at 153 so we are getting there. Happy smoking

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Any suggestions for warming these babies back up tomorrow? The plan is to foil them at 160 and put them in a cooler for a few hours. Then to the fridge until tomorrow.
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i will be smoking my first turkey tomorrow morning in the cold and snow

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Good beginning...I'll have my Coffee.gif


Have fun and . . .

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So far it is looking like a success. Just pulled them from the smoker after five and a half hours. Wrapped them in foil and they are resting in a cooler of towles for a few hours now. Then into the fridge until morning. Now I just need to figure out the best way to reheat these bad boys for Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow.

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I can officially cally first turkey breast smoke and my first cold weathers smoke a success. I only used one breast yesterday, there were only four of us, but it turned out great. I left it wrapped in foil and put it in a roasting pan with a little chicken stock. Then I put the lid on the roasting pan and threw it in the oven at 325. It took about an hour and a half to get the internal temp back up to 160. I let it rest for about 15 minutes then sliced it up. It was very moist and tender and had a great smokey taste. This is the only way I will be preparing turkey from now on.

Here is a sliced pic and a plated pic.

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