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Need An Ash Rake-

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I've got me a new stick burner with a nice sized fire box.

However I need some type of ash rake.  I have a couple of shovels and they are too large to fit all the way in, and the fire grate is not remove-able.


I've thought about a small garden hoe, but not sure that will fit either.

I'm guessing I have about a 4" clearance.  Have a smoke going now, so it's kind of hard to measure.


Any suggestions?  Open to trying most things...:biggrin:



Sorry no picture with the firebox open.


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You can fabricate a cut piece of sheet metal, drill a hole in it. Cut a length of 1/2" copper, solder a male adapter on it, insert in hole and washer lock nut combo. You can tweek sheet metal to conform to box.
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I've got an old set of fireplace tools. You can get them fairly cheap at box store /Craig's. Bend or modify one of those small ash shovels.

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Made mine, bottom of my firebox is round,  cut a piece of plate to match the curvature , welded a piece of round rod for the handle, drilled out a wooden dowel for the end of the rod,



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generalee Get a small garden hoe, you can always trim the edge down to fit. Hope this helps and have a Happy T-Day

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something like this might work. these are a bit pricey but I bet if u shopped around you could find cheaper versions....or even adapt something you already own.

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Fold over the end of a tin can.... secure it to a stick.... You can cut it to shape... This is for my pellet stove exhaust...

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My situation is a bit different - I have a round-bottom firebox but I can remove my grates (in fact I usually use a basket and not the grates anyway).


I cut away one side of a grated cheese jar, and it makes a great scoop. Cold ash only, of course.

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Like it Dave- so simple yet effective. I enjoy making my own tools, relaxing . If someone else can make it, so can I, sometimes even better for my application usually with scraps laying around. JMHO
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I took a length of aluminum 1 or 2 inch bar stock and bent a handle/hook for hanging and gripping and made a sweeping s shape for the ash side. Its almost L shaped really, but I can bend it for whichever firebox shape I am dealing with.
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Generalee , here's a good idea , find a piece of light metal , make it a bit curved , or one side with a tab ,then when you need to get rid of ash , pull it out with you gloves ,dump , nd you're back in business.


Works great on mine :



Look close and you'll see my ash plate :icon_exclaim:


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks Everyone! I'm not that handy in terms of crafting my own tools...but I like the aluminum bar...I think I might already have a piece or two...

I'll give it a try and some point soon and report back!

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Thanks for the compliment.... but really ..... building that rake did not take much skill....... Dave

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i use a shop vac.
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I am gonna make one for my other vertical out of this old ruler. The ink comes off easy.
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Bent and cut for a 16/20" barrel. The rough, rusty FB chamber surface will finish it over time.
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