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Brined Smoked Pork Loin

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Big day at the butcher Saturday. They had fresh pork in, hocks, trotters, liver, bellies, etc etc..... yes I went nuts! I sometimes remember that while curing you still need to eat this week, LOL. Picked up a 1/2 pork loin. for this week. I sliced and pounded some for chicken fried sandwichs, and built a sweet pork loin brine. I tied it up nice and pretty, to maintain density and hold its shape.


Pork Loin Brine   (Pork Loin = 140 IT)


1 qt.                      Water

1/4t.                     Chipotle

1/2t.                     Ginger

1/3C                     Salt

1/2C                     Brown sugar

                            Tiger sauce

1/4t.                     Thyme

1C                        Apple cider

1/4C                     Maple syrup

½ T                      Maple extract


After two days, I pulled it, patted it, I fanned it, I rolled it in ancho pepper then rubbed it in light brown sugar.




Hung in the smoker, 200 degrees pecan shells. Raised to 149 IT




Pulled allowed to rest for 30 mins.




I forgot the Bear pictures. Soory had a contractor problem, and also had 20 lbs of andouille to tend to. Next time.


You should try the ancho chili powder and light brown sugar. Totally awesome, medium earthy heat with a lot of sweet. The meat, well juicy, sweet, tender, and its texture is almost that of raw meat. Amazing.


Great way to enjoy a piece of loin.


Oh BTW the house, new front steps, new front screens, new roof, replaced 100% of the sofitt with heavy duty treated lumber, roof eaves rebiult and supported, all new trim paint, functioning wooden shutters, rebuilt and pained all the old wood frame windows, regrouted the piers, new A/C and furnace, painted the latticework, that don't count the inside! LOL


AND still it just looks like an old cyprus house! 152 years old to be exact.


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Looks great.   


I need to quit curing them and actually cook one.

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Originally Posted by c farmer View Post

Looks great.   


I need to quit curing them and actually cook one.


To quote alka seltzer, "Try it, You'll Like It"!!

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