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Nice Reverse Sear Whole Beef Tederloin!

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Had my butcher trim and tie a nice tenderloin.

Lit up a chimney. Instead of my basket I will spread the coals on the regular grate that is in the firebox. This way I use my firebox as a grill.

I really love this smoker. For my needs it's just perfect. The firebox is plenty big to use as a grill, and the main cook chamber is huge for my needs, and stays nice not having to put charcoal in it.

I'll bring this up to about 110 INT then do a 4 sided sear on the firebox. Running at about 245 should take an hour or so.

See you a little later with the finished product!

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Love some reverse seared tenderloin.
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Nice looking hunk a meat.

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Great start.  Can't wait to see the finished results.

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Here we go up to 110. This looks like it will deliver a proper sear.

Couple of minutes

In for a short rest

There you have it.

Used hickory and lump. Took just over an hour, not accounting for firing up the cooker.

Some asparagus and buttery salt potatoes. As good as it gets!

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Wow! That looks incredible! Perfect doneness for my taste! Great smoke!
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Man, that is beautiful!   You absolutely nailed  it !!!

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Great job!
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How did it taste? It looks amazing!

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It was terrible, like shoe leather, NOT!!

Delicious, velvety tender. A little smoke. Just right.

Fast and easy too. Got home from work and through it together.
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That tenderloin is magnificent. I would hang that picture on my wall! 


points1.png for making me hungry!



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That looks perfect! Wish I were there!


Hampton, VA

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Nicely done Moake.  thumb1.gif

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That meal looks Amazing!!!!!!!!!!



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I'm not really a tenderloin fan, but if you share I'd try it! Looks great!!
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Nice , I'll take a pound or so...

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