Black Friday Sales

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Academy Sports & Outdoors has the MES 40 on sale for $199.00 Bass Pro Shops has the MES 30 for $189.00 Just thought I'd pass that along.

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That's a great price for the 40". Sam's Club has the 30" Gen #1 for $149 including the leg stand and Free Shipping. Go get 'em people!

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Sounds like good deals , hope you get what you need.


Have a happy Thanksgiving , and as always . . .

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Cabela's has the MES 30 Generation 1 for $139 11/28 thur 12/5. In store or order on-line!

Heck of a deal......

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Ok, so I received an email from Academy today about their Black Friday sale. Followed the link and it now shows the MES 30 to be $199 with no mention of the 40. Evidently the early flyer was a misprint. Sorry if I sent anyone on a wild goose chase.

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I know this is a little late for the Black Friday thread but for anyone that wants to buy a new MES at a great price then go to Lowes with the best advertised price you can find and they will beat it by 10%. That is how I got my MES 30" with blue led (newest generation) for $171.
I showed them the Black Friday price at bass pro shop $189 and even printed out the price from a second place (somewhere in Iowa that would drop ship it) and took the advertised pricing with me. They not only matched it they beat it by 10% .... God Bless America