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Smoking a 20 pound turkey for Thanksgiving

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Hi all, I am preparing to smoke a 20 pound turkey for Thanksgiving. I have read a few threads on here and I think I have a good grasp on the basics.  I am not brining the turkey but I am injecting it. I know that I should expect a smoke time of around 6 hours.  The smoker I am using is my avatar.  Built by my son.  Are there any nuggets of wisdom anybody can provide to me? 

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I would smoke it at a high temp.  You want to be out of the danger zone 4 -140 deg with in 4 hours.  

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Agree on the temps.....I'd go for 325'ish. I'm thinking maybe closer to 6.5 hours at 20 minutes per pound approx. A 12 pounder I did a while back in a propane smoker took 6 hours. I'm liking around 180-185 IT near that thigh bone to avoid any pink.....Willie

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Do a Spatchcock , your Bird may not fit in the cooking area, if it does , great however ,  this is a second plan :biggrin:.


Have a Happy Thanksgiving :icon_mrgreen:


Have fun and as always . . .

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Thanks for all info folks.  The bird is thawing as we speak.  I plan to put him on the smoker tomorrow around 12:30pm.  He will fit in my smoker no problem.  But, here is a quick question.  I plan to inject the turkey.  I only need to do this before it goes on the smoker correct?  I have never used a injector before so double checking my facts.

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You can do it either way.  I have done them both and really have not see a big difference.  I lean toward injecting a few hours ahead of time, but I am not stuck on it.  I think the bigger issue is doing it right.  Load your injector and try to inject a large amount in each breast with one poke in each.  Ie don't make a lot of holes in your bird.  :)  You will see it swell up. 

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