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David Chang's Momofuku pork shoulder

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I just might have to try this real soon.  I'll do mine in the smoker instead of an oven though.


Any of you tried this?


"One bone-in pork shoulder. Coat it with a cup of white sugar and a cup of salt. You cover it in plastic wrap and refrigerate it overnight. The next day, you unwrap it and roast it in the oven for six hours at 300 degrees, basting hourly. (Quick note: some people wash or wipe off the salt/sugar rub before roasting — it just depends on your tolerance for salt.) Then you take out the pork shoulder, coat it in seven tablespoons of brown sugar plus another table spoon of salt, jack the oven up to 500 degrees, and give it another 10-15 minutes to develop a crust."

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Sounds interesting
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It does, doesn't it?  My mind is spinning with possibilities and somehow, a slathering of Orange marmalade or Apple jelly keeps coming to the forefront:biggrin:

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Some rice and collard greens would be good too.....
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I figured out long ago that pork butt/shoulder will tolerate beautifully just about ANYTHING you have in the spice/sauce/preserves cabinet.  It can be smoked, roasted, or braised until done at just about any temperature or combination of temperatures (we all have our favorites).  I don't think you can find a more flavor tolerant or forgiving cut of meat.   


I'd do all the above on the smoker except the last 15 minutes, then I'd put it in a pan and do the 500F step on the gas grill.      

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Sounds good , and , Yes , Pork Butt is a great thing to go imaginary on...


Thanks for the idea , now some Q-view is in order, :rules:


Have a great Thanksgiving and as always . . .

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He accompanies his with lettuce (used as a wrap) oysters, kimchi and Ssam sauce. Put some of the shredded pork, an oyster, kimchi and ssam sauce in the lettuce, wrap and eat. Sounds strange but it is really good. I had this dish at a restaurant in San Diego a few years back.


Ssam sauce is a mixture of fermented bean-chili paste, chili paste, vinegar, and oil

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Originally Posted by radio View Post

I just might have to try this real soon.  I'll do mine in the smoker instead of an oven though.


Any of you tried this?


Yes, I've Chang's Bo Ssam before. On several occasions at his restaurant, and I've made it at home a few times. Frankly, his version is so good as it is I wouldn't change a thing. Also, the accompaniments and condiments called for in the recipe are a perfect match.

One thing not mentioned in most recipes is that they cook and serve the Bo Ssam at Momofuku with the skin on. I've prepared it that way as well as with the skin off, and prefer it with it on as long as you can get it to a nice crisp stage without burning it. Also, the recipe calls for a finish at 500F for 10-15 minutes. In my experience, 8-10 minutes was perfect, though every oven is different. You just need to keep a close eye on it at that stage.

Below is a link to a video of the presentation of the dish at the restaurant.





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