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Smirking a turkey

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So I'm gonna smoke a turkey for thanksgiving. I plan on brining first. I bought a 20 pound bird. Do you think I'll be able to get out of the Danger zone in my bradly smoker. Any other advice would be appricated.
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You should be fine. Keep the temp above 250°. Crisp the skin in the oven at 375° - 400°....
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Ok thanks. How long do you think it will take to fully cook, and how long should I keep smoke to it. I don't want to overwhelm it with smoke flavor
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Should be ok. Does it use the pucks?

Remember poultry takes smoke easy. I would only go a couple hours with smoke.
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Ya it uses the pucks. And the hottest I've could get it is about 250-265
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I would keep it on high. Allow the bird to dry in the fridge for 24 hours to help the skin.
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It really depends on the size of the bird and how it is prepped. A whole bird will take longer than a split or spatchcock bird.

A whole 14 lb bird can take as long as 7hrs smoking at 225°. That is why I cook at higher temp. At 275° it could be done in 4hrs.

A split or spatchcock bird at 225° can be done in 5hrs. At 275° can be done in 4hrs.

Now these are based on my smokehouse. Different smokers will react diffrently and times can and will vary. I will crisp my skin in the oven at 375° - 400°.

Bottom line you want the IT to be 165°. The juices will be clear, not pink anymore.

What type of wood are you using?

Mild woods you can run the entire time. Strong woods like hickory or misquite a couple hours.
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I'm not sure yet I normally use hickory on most of my stuff but I thought about use ing some apple or cherry or even maybe some pecan
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Seems they are giving you good advice, remember post pictures

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I would go with 2-3hr then no smoke. You can always add more the next time if needed.
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Smoke the Bird , but( leave it in the heat if you don't want more smoke) , until it reaches 165*F internal temperature.


Put a clean , accurate (calibrate before cook ) Thermometer in the thickest parts of the Turkey . \\


Have a safe and Happy T-Day and as always  . . .

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