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first smoke ever!

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last night I smoked 2 pork loins on my masterbuilt. one turned out really well and one turned out not so good. I made a homemade rub and put it in the fridge for 2 hours before smoking. smoked it on 250 for 2 and 1/2 hours and one turned out really dry and one turned out really juicy and tender. I dont know where i went wrong. the internal temp was 170. any suggestions? Thanks

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The IT was 170` on both of them ?? to begin with.. 170 is well done (dry) for pork... loins, you want to pull at 145`ish.. sounds like the dry one was in a hot spot on the smoker and cooked more than the juicy one....
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!m confused on where pork should be cooked at. some people say 145 and ive seen someone say 180. so 145? i also noticed the dry one was thinner then the one that was moist.I need to play around with it more thanks

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What he said yeahthat.gif
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Pork is 145° unless pulled, then 195° - 205°
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thank you! I knew it was a good idea getting on this site!

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James , I suggest you practice on Chickens and get use to how your Smoker works . The next project would be a Pork Butt and practice some more... that's your key to good Smoking, that and patience.


You'll want to also read Jeff's free Smoking E-book , a great start...


Also , start a "LOG BOOK" of all your cooks , good or bad , and watch the skills improve :biggrin:.


Have a great Thanksgiving and as always . . .

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I have started a log book I thought it would be a good idea. I'm going to do chicken this weekend and play around. My first smoke didn't turn out very well but I'm having a lot of fun!!!
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After reading your threads I am going to start a log book as well. I have been meaning to do so but I haven't. There have been some great smoke recipes that have turned out good and others not so good. I needed this push from reading these threads, thanks for the advice.

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