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Newbie to Turkey

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Hey guys. I'm a newbie here but have smoked venison and pork many times before but never a turkey. I have Masterbuilt electric smoker and want to do a turkey this year. I am planning on rubbing it down with a section of spices and injecting with Cajun butter and then wrapping it in bacon weaves. I was then going to stuff it with bell peppers and garlic cloves for flavor but am unsure how this will turn out. Advice?
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I like to brine mine 10 to 12 hrs let dry in the fridge, over night. I have an MES 40 going to set it at 245* F this should get me up to 275* Use Jeffs rub or any one of your choice. Smoking mine tomorrow.

Leave the Bacon and the rest out til you have done at least one bird Have a Happy T-Day

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Good advice from Tropics . Learn to do it simple at first.


Do you have a good "Probe type Therm.) , this is necessary , No Probe , go to Wally World and get two , one in the bird and one for the Smoker ,or as a back-up . Do the


Calibration : and put the reading in a "log Book of Smoking" so you can look back on your success .


Have a great and safe Thanksgiving .


Have fun and . . .

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