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powdered honey?

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Does anyone know where I can get powdered honey? I live in chicago but any idea would help
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Several sellers of powdered honey available online.  Just google it.

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Yea I was afraid of that. Was hoping to do some nuts for Thanksgiving
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Try your local Wallyworld, (Walmart).  Ours has a emergency food supply area that has powdered milk, dried scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes etc.  They have #10 can, 3lbs for $10.78 ea.  That will probably be your quickest and easiest to get it for Thanksgiving.  BTW- please share your recipe with the rest of us, they sound good.  

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Thank you for the heads up on Wallyworld. I will check that out.
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Asian markets
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Well looks like I will be ordering online. Stores all around me of all sorts within a 20 mile radius either laughed and hung up or did not carry it.
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So in a moment of clarity I called an audible and will be doing sweet and tangy bbq almonds and sugar cinnamon pecans.
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Will do thanks
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