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Smoked Herring Recipe

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Does anyone have a recipe for smoking herring?  I would like to know if you prep (brine, dry) and the smoking conditions (type of wood, temperature, time).



Thank you!



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Don't know  if what you call herring is the same as what I call herring down here.

I smoke blue mackerel a fair bit. I brine them in a mix of beer,water,salt,brown sugar,chopped oranges & bay leaf. 

Leave them for a couple of hours.Pull them I don't rinse them but thats just me. 

Put them on racks in the frig for a couple of hours to dry.I then tie them in pairs by the tails & smoke them over hickory. 

I do mine in my MES at about 80c for an hour + until I think they are done.

Let me see if I can find the old thread.Mine are Scottish influenced in style.

Regards Mick

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