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Beef Jerky v2.0

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Well have been working on beef jerky. Here are results for latest attempt.

2,600 g of trimmed eye of round, cut about 1/8 thick
1 cup soya sauce
1 cup lea and perrins
4 Tbsp chilli powder
2 Tbsp chipotle powder
2 tsp onion powder
2 tsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp black pepper
2 Tbsp hot pepper powder (home made from the summer harvest)
1 tsp cure #1
Mixed and left in fridge for 2 days

Took meat and hung on tooth picks, left hanging in fridge over night

Preheated MES40 to 140 F

Put racks in for 2 hours with no smoke

Added 2 hours of hickory pellets in an AMAZEN tray

Left for another 2 hours no smoke.

Then transfered in batches to a dehydrator

Took about 1 hour per batch to get to level of moisture i was looking for

After all said and done net dry weight was 1,175g, so process removed about 55% moisture.

Batch was OK. Could have used more smoke and maybe a bit more salt.

Still working on process and recipe, if any ideas let me know.

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I only air dry my jerky for an hour after removing from the brine. I would try one hour drying in the smoker and then add smoke for a few hours depending on your tastes and then continue drying w/out smoke to your liking. Your recipe looks good and you just have to tweak to your liking. You made some nice jerky and you'll only get better at it as you experiment . CM

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looks good, making jerky is like a science, once you get it figured out to your liking, you can replicate the results everytime. always keep tweaking your recipe never knows what you can come up with next 

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