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1st time making summer sausage

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5 lbs venison

LEM Summer Sausage Kit



Meat was very cold. Added seasoning and cure to meat dry. Mixed very well with hands. Let sit in Refrigerator for 2 hrs.


Stuffed in Casings and put in oven.


Been in there 6 hours and I am minutes away from 165 degree mark.


Does this sound like it will be safe to eat.




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I see this is your first post.. would you please go to roll call and introduce yourself so we can give you the warm SMF welcome deserved ...
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WE NEED MORE INFO PLEASE , with cure I like to let sit overnight but this is fine also. you can pull when the IT (Internal Temp) of the sausage hits 152 IT also, what size casings did you use?? If they are the larger ones you will need to water bath them after cooking so they will stop cooking if they are snack stick size just lay on counter and let them bloom.  And what temp were they in the oven at?? 


Let us know and welcome to the forum. :welcome1:



we like pics also.   :th_What_NO_QVIEW:    worthless.gif


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I believe 4 hrs is the minimum for cure to take affect in ground meat... as stated.. overnight would be best... Also... next time dissolve the cure in about 1/4 cup of water and then pour that onto the meat and mix... what temp was oven running at ?? also as stated.. 152` IT is done....
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Did you mix pork or beef with your venison ?

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When do we eat...................:drool

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