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Ribeye roast

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I have a Ribeye roast in the smoke.



I pulled it out at 138* IT.

It is resting right now. It is boneless so no ribs (Bear they did not have it with the bone in :th_crybaby2:) but it looked good so I got it.

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I did this using Bear's step by step posts. Did it pretty much the same except I had to eat a big slice before I took the pictures :icon_biggrin:.






This was very good, may even have been my favorite so far from the smoker.:drool: 

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Dang! That looks excellent. Bear has some dynamite recipes.
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Nice job Tom, I've used Bears recipe to & it's sure tasty ! Yours looks awesome !

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Dang , that looks Marvelous :icon_exclaim:  Wish I could afford good cuts like that , went to Wally World yesterday and got beaten for going to the Meat cooler...:wife:


Have fun and . . .

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 That's one fine looking chunk of beef.



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getting hungry

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Now I see this, and I have to head down to the hospital cafeteria for some of their food... Not fair!

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Originally Posted by Tom 178 View Post





Now that right there looks amazing...very nicely done Tom!  





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THAT is 138F final temp? That looks much rarer than I would expect from 138. I pull mine at 127 and it looks like that - BTW, looks FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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