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Spritz sound great,,,, I do mine with Spiced rum and apple juice,, will have to give yours a try,,Thanks


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Try an keep the proportions equal, be a balanced system.  To much water an it gonna thin out the salt.  The salt be about as low as ya can go an still have it work.

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I made this a second time where I had no weather and temp issues and it was killer!  I brined, dried, gave it a little rub under and on oiled skin.  I have yet to inject, but I am sure it would be great.  I would go light on the injection, the brine and rub make it pretty tasty as is.

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This brine works just fine on them enhanced birds.  Be bout all ya can get anymore.  Actually, the brine helps ta wash out some a that cheap salty enhancer an replace it with flavor.


The 3 recipes were designed tagether, but don't need ta all be used ifin ya don't wanna.  Many times the brine an a good rub be fine.  Sometimes a bit a spritz be nice.  If ya want a bit spicer bird add in the injection.  Really be all about personal taste an choice.

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I gave up on finding the "pure" turkey a while ago.  I looked and looked and had to go with the enhanced ones.  they seem to work pretty well.   Maybe they are more prevalent in some state we don't live in or if you hunt them your self :).

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I am in Iowa (Go Hawks) you can actually get fresh not tamprred with Turjeys here.
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Wow! That recipe is awesome! Everybody loved it, including myself. Ive never seen people toast to a turkey. Thats how good it was. Thank you and smoke on
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Howdy and thanks for the recipes! I know this is an older thread but I have sort of the reverse of this question -- I won't need a full 1.5 gallons of brine. Could I cut everything in half (including salt and spices) and still be in balance? Just checking.......


Many thanks,



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Should be fine, just be sure what yall is brinen be completely covered. 

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Thanks Tip,


I've been wanting to try brining and I'm going to start with yours!  Appreciate it!



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Hope ya like it!

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 Thx for bringing this thread back, I am definitely going to try some of these, And Thx travcoman for posting these beauties....

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Originally Posted by travcoman45 View Post

Hey yall.

Some folks have decided to claim my Slaughterhouse recipes as there own an post em as such on other sites. 


Let it be known that the Slaughterhouse Poultry Brine, Slaughterhouse Poultry Injection and Slaughterhouse Poultry Spritz are the sole creation an property of Tip Piper of Hillbilly Vittles.

You all feel free to use them repost them an so fourth with the unerstandin a given credit where credit be due.

I hate the fact that a feller has ta do this.  I shared em so folks could enjoy em, but I don't like the idear a people takin credit for my work.  Thanks for understandin yall.


I'm still kinda new here but not so much that I don't know the meaning of plagiarism. It's a shame you've been a victim of it when you've been so generous to share your recipes. (I found this thread because a number of posts reference it)

Thanks for continuing to share! I'm going to use your brine and spritz recipes for my next smoke.
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