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My turn

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I was asked to do the family turkey this year. I have smoked many bone-in turkey breast but never a whole turkey so doing a test bird today.

12.5# bird brined 18 hours and cut spatchcock style


Brine consists of kosher salt, brown sugar, poultry seasoning, onion powder, celery salt, cajun seasoning, and a little cayenne powder. I like a little heat in my turkey.

Just rubbed with some canola oil and black pepper before putting on smoker.

Smoking on the Weber Smokey Mountain at 250 using Royal Oak lump charcoal and apple wood.
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Watching and waiting here!

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almost there

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Looking GOOD!

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Originally Posted by heatman View Post

almost there

Very nice Heat. Looks awesome! 

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Good job . The color is nice too.


Now you're ready for T-Day...


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks guys. It turned out very good. Nice flavor and very moist. Thanks to this site I learned about spatchcocking a turkey. I will be using this method on all my turkeys from now on. Took just under 5 hrs. Think will use a bit higher temp next time.


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