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My brick smoker is my only one

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I'm glad there's a section for brick smoker owners.  I've been real pleased with mine over the last couple of years and all of the work was worth it.


First course was a daunting task.

The wood box and gas grill enclosure were coming along.

Soldier course mixed things up a bit.

The fire-box was getting a course of solid "fire" bricks in it.

Family names engraved by Dremel tool.

This arch was fun to build.

My 18" tiles sit on this expanded metal (other than 6" near front).

Poured concrete countertops were a relatively inexpensive solution.

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WOW. That is awesome.

Hows she cook?
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Thats a work of art:drool:.Your very neat as well.

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That's impressive! Wish you were my neighbor I'd let you build me one!
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Awesome smoker James.    I really like the grill idea.     Very impressive.    Don't you just love watching the neighbors drool when it fires up?   :yahoo:

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I've got some venison on today in the rain.  The gas grill is great for searing meat or for those days I don't have time for "low and slow".  My neighbor uses a BGE but has helped me with my long cooks by keeping the wood on it.  He always gets some meat when he helps so it's a great relationship.  Thanks for the kind words on my smoker.

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Holy smokes! That is freaking outstanding............. I'm so very very jelly. wink. Beautiful work James! Be loud an proud.........

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Very nice looking setup and congrats on the build.
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Very very nice...

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