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The title of "Pitmaster"

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Hey all you guys and gals,


I have been away for far to long. To the new smokers, this is where I learned to smoke everything, it changed my life completely 5 years ago when I found this site . Enough of that.


I have been wondering for awhile is there an official way to get the title Pitmaster or is it just something that was made up? As Craig would say "try the search bar", I have done that and searched the web.


Thanks RP

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th_dunno-1[1].gif How about this????? :welcome1: back! I now promote you to PITMASTER thumb1.gif.

Happy smoken.


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Yeah, you're promoted. If you think you are good enough , proclaim it...th_4th_of_July.gif


But , you gotta show us... :ROTF


Have fun and . . .

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You can add to your title, no problem.

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