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Weber lid

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Im in the process of building a UDS. Purchased an open head drum. I was planning on going with the One Touch Silver 22.5 inch Weber lid. According to what I've read so far, this lid is suppose to fit perfectly. Well mine doesn't, its off by 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Is there anything I'm suppose to do? Any all all suggestion w
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I don't know much about the lid. But I do know that all barrels are not the same. We get a lot of different products in barrels. Some are taller than others with smaller dia. but the volume is the same. Make any sense?  CF

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Did your drum come with the lid for the open end? If so replace the gasket with high heat rope gasket like for a wood stove, then cut the correct size hole in the lid for your Webber lid and put the drum lid on with the removable ring to secure it.
IMHO If it didn't come with a lid then you have some serious fabrication to do if you can't find one to fit it.
May be someone with more experience will chime in with a different fix for you.
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Wolfman, thanks for the thought.  Drum came with lid but the Weber lid doesn't fit inside the drum lid.  Guess I'll use drum lid until something can be figured out or I get another drum.  Would hate for the Weber lid to go to waste, bought it brand new from Weber.

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I have seen guys use flashing bolted to the inside of the drum for the lid to fit. Also seen guys use the top portion of an old yard sale weber kettle welded on. I just use the flat lid and it works excellent. If it has the two bung holes in it you don't have to do anything. Just start smoking. You can keep an eye on craigslist or do some yard saling for a kettle donor and use the flat lid until you find one. There are lots of builds like this in the UDS section of the forum. Youtube has some good videos of the whole process too.

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Doug, I have two uds, one I got with the lid and rig the webber fits perfect, another that I had to cut one end out the webber did not fit, go figure, what I did is got a stick of two inch aluminum flat stock from HD and bolted it arould the top with about 3/4 of and inch rising above the drum, webber lid fist great now, hope this helps. Bonz

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Thanks Bonz.. I think that's a plan!!
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There is always a fix, and if you get frustrated , let us know and we'll get you going.


Did you buy a new 221/2 or found it, if you bough , then by all means use it till the UDS is done . Look at Craig's List and get a cheaper Webber , and measure the top of the


Barrel and go see if it will do...


Have a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas , and as always . . .

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Here's what I did with my Weber lid. Works great and I have had no issues with it. Later in the series I added a hinge to it.



Hope this helps.



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Great video's Chief. I have watched them all. Good reference for the beginner UDS builder.

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Thanks. I enjoyed making them. Haven't had any time to do anymore though since we bought our first house. Ahhh...the joys of home ownership. I actually love it though. I've used the UDS a bunch though and haven't even looked at another smoker.



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