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Ice Water?

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On different shows I've seen they talk about adding ice water to the grind to keep it from getting gooey.  Is that the correct method and how does one know what rate to add the ice water?

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I always partially freeze the meat before grinding and put grinder parts in freezer prior to... never had an issue.

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I have added small pieces of ice, but if I'm going to add more liquid I'd prefer it to be something with flavor like a stock or wine or beer. Personally, I think adding ice water might aid in making it gooey. Not sure, just a thought. I would think the reason it would go all gooey is because it got too warm. Bottom line for me would be to keep it as cold as possible at all times and avoid the goo.

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Define gooey... One the myosin is released, sausage gets, well, gooey...

Meat almost frozen, cold grinder parts, and only use liquids when needed. Flavorful is best, as said above.
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Keep the meat cold and it will grind just fine. If you need to put it back in the fridge before a second grind that is fine.

Happy smoken.


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