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Trash Can Turkey

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Making a trash can turkey for our family thanksgiving on Saturday, made one last year and it turned out great. My problem is there is a chance of rain on Saturday and if I end up putting it in my smoker it will change my whole process. If you have ever done trash can bird you know what to do, so my question is with rain in the forecast will I have to make a little hut to keep the rain off of the charcoal? Or will good and hot charcoal not be effected by the rain? Help!
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Be sure to send Q-view or Bottom.gif.


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What is Q view?
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Originally Posted by aschmiesing View Post

What is Q view?

A Qview is take pictures and post them and tell everyone what you did and how.

Yes you will need to block the rain.

Happy smoken.


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Getting started! How do u add a picture?
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Interesting. Never seen it done this way before. Can you elaborate on the process a little bit?

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Been years since I've seen this done. Used to do it at family bbq's. If it does rain you'd want to protect the briquettes as good as you can. Water and briquettes don't mix.
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I hope the rain is thru! Got a 15lb bird dry rubbed and injected. Should take anywhere between 1.5-2 hrs to cook. Supposedly it get 900 degrees plus in there. Pretty simple to do if u don't want to take the day and smoke one. Drive a stake in the ground, wrap with foil and place the bird on top about 6" off the ground. I used 2 charcoal chimneys to get the coals good and hot a half hr before I put the bird on. I hate match light and lighter fluid! Cover the top and side with the coals and let her sit. I'll post after pics if I'm not drunk.
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The Boy Scouts are big on cooking with a trash can. Just read a story by a cookbook author that witnessed one for himself. His big piece of advice: use a crimped trash can not a soldered one.
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Got a little intoxicated and forgot to post the finish.
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It looks good. I did a lot of out of the box cooking when i was a scout leader.
Happy smoken.


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