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Biscuits & Gravy?

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Has anyone smoked sausage and a gravy for biscuits & gravy? 

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I have smoked the sausage many times. Instead of actually smoking the gravy I cold smoke the flour and use a portion of that. I only do that if I'm not using sausage in the gravy. If you smoke the sausage that's all you need. I think it would be overkill to smoke any more than the sausage. Liquids really pull in the smoke so I'd be careful there.


Forgot to mention: If you cold smoke some flour, use about 1/2 smoked and 1/2 non-smoked to make your biscuits. Yummy. Especially with apple jelly, not sure why but makes me wanna have some right now.

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Another option is to use smoked butter for the biscuits and the rue for the gravy. Assuming you make your own gravy and biscuits. Smoked sausage works great too. Now if you want to make some great breakfast sausage and smoke it check out Pop's recipe its spot on great! You can smoke it if you want, make patties, links, or crumble and brown it.

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I have cold smoked flour before and used it in biscuits and gravy.  I have also used smoked butter to make the gravy as well.  Both add an extra dimension to the meal.  


I'm not sure I will ever use anything but Pop's breakfast sausage (sometimes with red pepper) to make biscuits and gravy, if I have a choice.

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Smoked onions are a great twist on the normal.  I have not thought about smoking flour, sounds like it is worth a try.  Thumbs Up


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