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Thank you Case. You're always welcome to a bowl. I am thinking for you maybe a crab, shrimp and andouille gumbo. The crabs are so sweet they need the andouille to balance out.


Yep seafood gumbo we make at least a couple times a year and I do add Andouille. Our Dungeness isn;t as sweet as them blue crabs you all get over there!


I'll never forget my night spent in Half Moon Bay Georgia. Was the Georgia Auburn football game. We were doing a boat delivery from Mass to Florida and we ended up at this place due to the bad weather. The moorage was a Texaco StarPort, the interior was lined with pallets of beer. Turns out it was the only place around to get a drink. They had a big party that night and invited us up. They brought two wheel barrows of blue crabs and two wheel barrows full of oysters. Man I dug those oysters, but picking them blue crabs is for the birds!

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Yes sir, we don't normally use the boiling crabs in the gumbos. We use the she crabs. They are fuller and sweeter, go figure. Other than the she crabs for gumbo, all the normal folks always release the she crabs caught and only take the males.

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Wow! Looks great!

~Martin smile.gif
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