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Thank you to Lisa B!

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I read a lot here, but as you can tell, I never post. I guess that makes me a lurker.


However, I felt that I needed to post to give a big "Thank You" to Lisa B and!  I ordered my VP112 and several different bags last Monday, and they all arrived on Thursday.  The VP112 was VERY well packaged (double-boxed with expanding foam).  


I had planned on ordering from that other place that is about the same price, but after reading all the positive comments on here about Lisa, and seeing all of her participation in the forum, I decided to order from her.  I'm very glad that I did!


So, for any of you looking for a vacuum sealer or bags, make sure you order from Lisa B.


<no, she did not pay me for this review>

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As you said Lisa is great to deal with and has good products at good prices I got another order of bags in a couple weeks ago.

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