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Burnt Ends conundrum

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Howdy all,


So I'm smoking a brisket Friday and I wanted to remove the point to make burnt ends.  Haven't done so yet and I can't figure out which method to go with. Please feel free to add your thoughts.


Method 1) Pull the brisket out at ~175, remove the point, re-rub the cut spots, put both in the smoker til the brisket hits 185 and then let the ends keep going.


Method 2) Pull the brisket at ~185, let it fully rest, remove point and put back in smoker, slice brisket


My concern was just cutting the point off hot and having a lot of deliciousness run off, whereas the 2nd method adds some time because I have to rest the point before finishing it and have to factor that into the cook time. Curious how you all do yours. Cheers!

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njbeerman, hello . I'm not the best to ask as I do a Whole Brisket at one cooking (could be hours) . However , This may help you :


Watch your heat , use a reliable therm (Mav.733 is great) , and be patient.


Be sure to do a tender test on the Flat with a toothpick (in/out like Butta) , The Point then can stay , render and be the morsels you want.


Don't rush things , it will get there  (use a probe therm.) and leave the lid closed on the Flat for more good Bark,( unless you like in a bad 'Hood') :ROTF


Have fun and . . .

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I cook the entire brisket till it is done, separate the point from the flat, wrap the flat in foil and put it into a dry towel lined cooler to rest. Cut up the point toss the cubes with a thin layer of BBQ sauce and a light dusting of rub, then put back in the smoker for 1.5-2 hrs. Pull them off and enjoy!


Since you have to rest the flat for a while anyway doing the burnt ends while it rests works great.

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