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Cold smoked salmon

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Cold smoked this critter in my new smokehouse. Dry brined 24 hours, pellicle formation 24 hours, cold smoked at <70 degrees 12 hours.

Sample tasted great, vac packed and in the freezer for 24 hours, then we dine!

Dry cure was:

Brown sugar
Kosher salt
White pepper
Cure #1
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Looks beautiful. What was the salt/sugar ratio?

I see that you didn't separate the belly...wasn't it saltier than the rest?
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Was it saltier? Absolutely! LOL just the way my dad likes it. The tail trim and the belly will be taken to him this weekend at the farm. He loves the saltiness of it. I have 2 more filets in the box now that will be for him, and they will dry brine for 48 hours to increase the salinity. Due to the stroke meds he takes, he can't really taste much. That's why we don't let him cook for us! biggrin.gif

For the dry brine

2-cups brown sugar
1-cup kosher salt
White pepper ground until I thought it was right
Cure #1- weighed out 3 grams to meet the requirements for the fish weight.

I've used this for quite a few years and stick to it since the family likes it. If it's just for me and my sons, I'll add some other spices and do a final glaze made from whiskey, honey, and garlic. That rocks!
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Looks excellent !

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Looks great ! Nice smoke !

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