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Thanks for the great recipe Disco - finally got around to getting some pre-frigid pulled pork out of the deep freeze and trying it out.  Only modifications were an extra jalapeno and I added a bit of jalapeno colby jack I had left to the cheddar.  Turned out great!



Looks great. I would like to have used more jalapenos too but She Who Must Be Obeyed would object.

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That looks Great Briggy,    Pulled pork is pretty versatile  Son does Taco all the time 




What Gary said!

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Nice thread & tutorial Disco..... Very nice ! Not sure how I almost missed this, but glad I caught it !




Thanks for the points, Justin.


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Looks outstanding!  I love anything Mexican/southwestern, we use up our leftover PP or chix all the time for tacos, fajitas, etc.   Nice spice mix too Sir!


I agree! One of the best parts of smoking is the left overs!