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A Packer & 3 Racks of Baby Backs! This will be good!

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Have some friends coming over tomorrow and I've been bragging about my "Q" so I'm going to rock this smoke!

14lbs USDA Choice from my favorite butcher.

Trimmed up and cut off about 2lbs of the flat for later.

Rubbed, then wrapped. I'll be injecting before it goes on the grate in the morning.

The baby backs look really nice!

Removed most of the membrane.

Some mustard and rub.

Wrapped up and back in the fridge with its Brisket Cousin!

My challenge will be to have everything done on time. I'll do the ribs 3-1-1 I think, but better get up pretty early for the Brisket! The last big one cooked faster than I expected.About 10hrs. I've been foiling at 150 internal and poke at 195-200. If it's ready, then toweled, and in to the cooler. My past results have exceeded my expectations, in terms of flavor, texture and juiciness.

I'll report back in the AM once the fires lit. Pretty cold here too.
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I must of missed my invite;). Looking forward to how this turns out,any burnt ends planned? If you need some snacks I like to cut a few single bones off my racks and wrap in bacon rub before and after adding the bacon. Good luck knock it outta the park!!!!
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Up at 5:30 lit the fire

One last rub injected and on the grate at 6:15

I'll foil at 150 internal

Added fuel at 9:20 wanted to peek, but held off I'm up to 141 INT.

Lump & Hickory
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You, my Friend , are off to a marvelous beginning. I got my Coffee.gif, and easy chair.


Be patient and the Smoke gods will bless you. . .



Have fun and . . .

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It's up to 150 now. I will foil it and press on till 195-200 with the next update! I'm liking the way it looks and smells!

I did not ad any liquid, just wrapped to power through.

I'll be adding 3 racks of Ribs in a couple hours!
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I love a meat festival.

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Looking great!
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Ribs are down! There's 3 in there the third one is in the dark.

I'll foil them with Honey, Brown Sugar, and Butter in 3hrs

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5:30 everything done. The Ribs are awesome!



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Brisket looks good to. How was it?

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And incredible bark on those ribs. God I love bark.

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It all came out real well. Brisket moist and succulent. Friends were full. Thought it was great.
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Wow that's a smoke ring!!!!!!
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Looks like it pays good to be your friend.  Great looking chow.  Thumbs Up

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You might never get rid of those friends! That looks stunning.



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