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Thank you so much Knuckle47! I stopped/closed that blog but will keep you posted on new doings coming soon!

Meanwhile, Mick, I'm so sorry for hijacking your thread as they say, and with miscellaneous chimed in notes! (I forget that the wine section is not just one big forum but in fact individual posts and I didn't mean to start babbling in yours)!

Back to your wines!!!!

Such a fun group however, in whatever post we're ever in!!!
Cheers to all! - Leah

Babble all you want:biggrin:.I just start these threads  to post a few wines as I find them in the hope that I might fluke one that is available in USA.

Its getting stupid hot here so I will be grilling,more salads,more seafood over summer.

I will go looking for some pinot gris & also that great Aussie invention sparkling shiraz for summer drinking.