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5 lbs of Andouille for Gumbo Day!! - Page 2

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Bum looks great so far, I'm in...

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Not too much of an update. Got it all stufed, convincing me yet again that the kitchenaid stuffer attachment is the work of Bealzebub.
I Will someday own a proper stuffer.
Took me 2 hours for 5 lbs, which did, to be totally truthful, include several "refreshment" breaks.

Smoking coming tomorrow.
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Lookin good!


Wish I had been able to get a taster.


If you stuff much sausage, a stuffer is a blessing!


Waiting for the finished product.


I am sure it will be great.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Ya, a 5 pound vertical stuffer would be a nice Christmas present for yourself.  The links look great!!!  Reinhard

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Looking good, are you smoking yet???? I'm getting the itch to make some sausage I either need to get out the old enterprise or breakdown and buy a vertical.
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Not smoking until after dark, figure the colder the better. Besides there's football today. 😄
I really think a vertical stuffer is the only way to go. I put a lot of work into getting that sausage the exact texture I wanted, only to have the auger basically turn it to pink mush. I'm sure it'll be fine, but it's knd of disheartening. I have no complaints with the grinder, it's been a trooper. Took me all of 5 minutes to grind the meat for this batch.
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Damn. It's raining. I'm not about to leave the smoker out in the park on its own, and I don't feel like sitting in the rain, so the andouille is in the freezer. I'll update when I get a chance to smoke it, should be in the next week.
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