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Serving Temperature

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I have seen a large variety of well cooked & smoked meats on the forum


As a general rule, what is the suggested serving temperature of the end products? I assume ribs are served hot but what about pulled meats, it looks like it has cooled down a fair bit berfore serving, does it retain its heat?


Briskets are sliced up generally, how hot should they be served, I would think most of the product can be re-heated as leftovers


Just curious





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Most people refer it hot however I know some who prefer cold. I am a hot person. A lot of the Q is precooked then reheated. I always cook more and freeze. If you can vacuum seal it and freeze just remove and thaw then reheat in hot water still in the bag.




Happy smoken.


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Are you referring to general preference? I usually serve pulled pork and sliced meats at whatever temp they are after the rest period, which is usually within a few degrees of the temp to which I cooked them. In other words, "hot". For leftovers, unless it's for a cold sandwich, I'll heat it to 165f, which works just fine for me and is in accordance with the accepted guidelines for safe handling. For something like a buffet line, foods should be kept either on ice for cold foods or at above 140f for hot foods.
Generally, "warm" isn't such a good idea when it comes to food.
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I always serve steak warm, never hot.

Pulled pork is usually hot

Ribs can be between hot and very warm but never cool.

Poultry is hot always.

Certain appetizers are served coldish, like my Luau Pork Shots and Canoli ABT's.


Mdboatbum brings up a good point, For the events that I host, everything is well above 140°

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