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Smoking small shoulders

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Would it be better to smoke a small shoulder at like 200 degrees or less for a longer time to get it to break down better?
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Or would it be better to foil sooner and let it steam longer?
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I would cook like a normal sized one. 250-275 no foil.
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X2 on cooking it normally.


Unless you have a micro piece of meat.


Good luck and good smoking.

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There is an increased risk of getting sick from smoking uncured meat below 200°F. Never smoke uncured Ground or Injected meat and Poultry below 225°F, it is outright dangerous...JJ

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I do all (or most) of my Smoking @225*F , until my target is reached.  Your, Butt will not reach optimal temp. (200* -205*F) for being done (tender) at lower temps. . The temp. for cooking must be higher than the target.


If you "cure" the Butt  , lower temps can be used . JMHO...

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I routinely cook 3-5 pound Boston butt roasts, which is basically a BB cut into thirds. I plan on 1.5 hours/pound @250 and check the temp at 4 hours in just to see where I'm at.

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The guys have gave you great advice. Fallow their lead and you will have a very tasty PP.

Remember to post a Qview or you will get Bottom.gif

Happy smoken.


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You are good with the advice.  Cook everything like you would a normal size piece of meat.  The key is the finishing temp and not the temp of the cooker as long as it is 225 or above.

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