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Corned Beef = Pastami

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With the nice weather we had for yesterday, I desalted a corned beef 3.4lbs. on Monday gave it a coat of mustard put rub on it in the fridge for the night.

Heated the MES40 to 225* F Used the AMNPS with Hickory Alder mix, smoked til it hit 150* wrapped in foil finished in the oven 200* F ( It looked like it was going to rain thats why I did that)


Very tender Thanks for looking


        Rub Mix
4  Tbs Coarse Black Pepper

2  Tbs  Ground Corriander

1  Tbs   Paprika
 Mix these 3 together (you can add garlic ,onion , brown sugar). I like the plain 3

Yelow Mustard for coating the meat

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Very nice....nice to see Pastrami making it's appearance again competing against all the turkey threads showing up for Turkey Day. IF there's any left you might try steaming some, before consumption, as many delis do on the East Coast. The last one I did it was steamed using some Zatarains Crab Boil in the water....oh yeah goodness........Willie

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Left overs tonight Reuben There are no more Mom & Pop delis around here anymore. That is what made me do my own I am quite pleased with the results.

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Very nice. A good Pastrami is hard to beat, and that looked nice...

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