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So we liked Jeff's Smoked Beef And Pork Meatloaf Muffins so much we are making fatties from that recipe. I had ground buffalo instead of beef so we used it. Had some left over Boston Butt and we just cut into a nice pineapple so some of those went in the middle.

Here is how it turned out.


Meatloaf mix, pork sausage, buffalo, rub, parsley

More stuff for the meatloaf. Eggs, bread crumbs, cooked carrots and onions.

The inside was pulled pork and pineapple.

Meatloaf ready to mix.

Meatloaf mixed.

Ready for stuffing.

With the stuffing

This looked really good to me.:drool


All rubbed up.

Fresh from the smoker.

Split to show the inside.

It tasted very good.

I wish I knew more about taking pictures :icon_lol: