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Turkey trial

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Started a turkey today at 9:00am at 230* in my electric MES30. I had it in brine for 2 days in the frig. At 1:00pm it was 144* IT. I covered it and set the temp. up to 250*. At 4:45pm I pulled it out and let it rest for 50 minutes. I had rubbed it with grapeseed oil and put rub on it before it went in at 9:00am. After reading a lot about turkeys on here today, next one will not get oil on the outside as I read that may make the skin rubbery. The skin on mine was not very good. The next one will have the skin loosened and butter pats and rub will go under the skin. This was a 13.5lbs. bird the smallest I could find. Next time I would like to try 10 pounder. I would like to try pulling it out of the smoker at 155* IT and finish it in the oven to get the skin better. The meat was very tasty and moist.






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It looks tasty. I would kick the temp up to 275° for the smoke then crisp it up in the oven. Birds don't need low and slow unless your trying to get more smoke. I do 325° - 350° when i use something that will go that high. That is the only thing I dislike about my MES.

Happy smoken.


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Very good on your trial.Thumbs UpThe Bird looks great , disappointment on the skin :icon_cry: ,however the fun of BBQ is the practice (and all the good food).


Keep on trying different ways and you'll find your best approach to the skin thingy , personally, I use the skin and leftovers for soup  , after smoking.


Have fun and . . .

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