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Rainy day brisket

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Well I finally did FIRST brisket. I have been afraid to do a brisket, but I finally broke down and got a small 2.8 lbs brisket flat I think. The weather was nice today, about 60 degrees. Tomorrow it's supposed to drop into the 30's. So I figured it was today or wait until spring. It was about 60 when I started, but cloudy. It started raining about 3/4 of the way thru the smoke. I got the IT up to about 170 and finished it up in the oven. I never realized how fast rain would drop the temps in my fire box. I did the brisket and a small chuck roast. First time for a roast also. I can't stand to see just one piece of meat on that big grate. Lol. The roast didn't turn out as well as the brisket did. But I will be trying again when the weather is better.

The 3 lbs roast

I also made some Mac & Cheese to go with it. I ran out of noodles so I had to use Tri-color bow tie noodles.

I guess I am a little bit shallow, because I am thoroughly impressed by the smoke smoke ring. I know it doesn't make it taste any better....but it looks sooooooo good. I don't think I have ever smoked anything that had such a red ring. It all tastes fantastic. My finance says it's the best I've ever made. So as long as mama is happy....I'm happy.

Thanks again for all the help that I have received from this site. You guys are awesome. For the last 2 days I have been reading everything I could about brisket and chuck roasts. The search bar is my friend. Comments are greatly appreciated.
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Looks great. Awesome ring. The ring just makes it look good.
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Great ring
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Very go0od , your Meat looks great and the M/C looked good too:drool, Bow - Tie and all Thumbs Up

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Looks delicious Chase...pretty smoke ring! Very nicely done!

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Very nice sir!  You're not alone, we all love to see the smoke ring...

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Very nice looking brisket!  I too get excited by the ring, even if it doesnt change the taste.  You eat with your eyes first right?

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