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Boneless Butt

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Dumb question for the day :)

My wife bought some boneless pork butt (about 4lbs ea) for me to make more pulled pork. I have only done butt with the bone in.

When they removed the bone they pretty much cut the butt in half to remove the bone then folded it back together. 

My dumb question is do I want to lay if flat in the smoker or have it "folded" back together?  I just do not want to have it dried out to much. My plan is to take if to 165F then foil for it the rest of the way.

Currently it is the fridge overnight after I put the rub on it.

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I would fold it back up for the smoke.  Maybe even tie it with butcher twine to keep it together.

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Yep, leave it in to 200*F and poke test ,pull from Smoker and rest before the pull.

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I always roll and tie boneless pork just for uniform cooking.

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Fold it, tie it with twine, wrap at 165 then remove at 205.

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Thanks everyone they turned out great. I had 3 and 1 of them Stalled for about an hour no big deal.
Wife took most of it to work for an anything goes food challenge. Sad to say first place went to pulled pork made in a slow cooker and smothered in BBQ sauce. Then a few deserts. We came in low. But we got to eat the left over for dinner and my family love it.
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