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A little help with pork belly please.

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I was wondering how much weight loss you get from removing the skin on a pork belly, percentage wise?
I have narrowed it down to two places to get them.
Big chain store $4.95 lbs skin off
Local Hispanic market $2.89 skin on.
I am probably going with the local guys just because I would rather give them my money but I was courious about the weight loss of the skin.
I'm on the gulf coast and I know you can lose 50% on crawfish and shrimp after peeling but I wouldn't think it would be as much on meat
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I am not sure but the belly I have curing was right at six pounds with skin on, I think I did a good job on removing the skin and ended up with five pounds of belly. Tomorrow I am going to weigh the skin because I have it frozen. Now this piece eas very lean and thick.
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Thanks Greywolf, I didn't figure it would be to much.
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I have smoked the ones I have done with the skin on, because I don't trin till its all cured. That way all the trim doesn't just end up as fat scrap for sausage but instead I get a pile of 'bacon Trim' which I use in red beans, pintos, veggies, gumbos, etc etc......


This is the bacon,



This is the trim,



Just think of all those happy pots of beans!


BTW my buddy Mr Bear was the one how showed the error of my ways.

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The FDA considers the skin to be 10% of the total weight of the belly.... That's the number they use for the correct amount of cure to add to a "skin on" belly.... reduce the cure by 10% for skin on....

And for me, to remove the skin is about 30-45 minutes labor.... but I'm not worth much on an hourly basis... biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the info guys. I will probably leave the skin on now.I'm always making things that can use some Smokey trimmings.

Dave, your experience is worth more than your physical labor I bet.
Knowledge is worth its weight in gold. I've read a pile of yours and foams post on here.
Thanks guys.
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