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First fattie coming soon, could use a clue..

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Hey Ya'll,

Wishin' ya well and hopin your smokers is a goin' and overflowin'. 

Next week my GF's daughter is returning from a tour with the Army in Kuwait and I plan to do up an Italian Fattie for her.

I have all these awesome ( in my head ) ideas for how it's gonna go but then as I pondered things a couple questions came up.


The plan....


2 lbs of sweet Italian sausage, 1/2 lb burger, 1/4 pound Linguicia sausage, chopped onions and green peppers all mooshed together and rolled out nice and flatlike.

Marinara sauce then layer up like a pizza. Cheeses, pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives, more cheeses :439:.

Roll it up, wrap with prosciutto and smoke until done.

Lay out fresh pizza dough, butter and garlic it. Maybe another  thin coat of  marinara sauce then wrap around smoked fattie and finish in the oven for the crust.


The questions...


With all that sausage will the excess greases escape the layer of prosciutto to drip out? Should I wrap the prosciutto after the fattie is mostly or all done?

What IT should I shoot for?

Fruity wood chips or something in the hickory mesquite line?


As always...many thanks for all of your helps !

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This fattie sounds great.  I think you will be okay with the prosciutto wrap, and I always take my pork fatties to 165 IT.  I enjoy hickory wood the best.

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You'll be fine with the grease escaping. One thing you may need to watch though is keeping the prosciutto from burning. So you may need to wrap, then unwrap to crisp. I'd just check on it to see how it's going. I use thin bacon which is just a bit thicker than prosciutto. Do you may be okay. I usually smoke my fatties in a 265 smoker, and take it to an IT of 165. I'll go longer if the bacon needs to crisp.
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Thanks for the info. Qvue as things shake out on Sunday

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