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Beef Back Ribs

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Beef Back Rib Cook 11-8-14

1/2 the ribs used were Purchased at our local market were ok but shrunk up more than I care for (Small Pieces)  2.99 lb

Others Purchased at the local Butcher shop were very meaty and delicious (2.79 LB) the large racks

and I also got a beef anatomy lesson from the butcher on the difference between spare ribs & back ribs

Prep on Friday night 11-7-14  5pm

Washed & trimmed rib Meat

Applied a light coating of Olive oil as a binder on all sides & edges of meat

Rubbed rib meat with Jeff’s Texas Rub and dusted with Brisket rub #2  from Texas BBQ  (no sweet rub) & wrapped ribs tight and marinated overnight in fridge


12:30 pm  (30*outside)  fired my pellet smoker to 250* w/water pan with mesquite pellets

& one more dusting with the brisket rub for good measure 

and placed them on the smoker for 3hours


After 3 hours of smoke I removed the ribs for  Wrapping & Brazing

Brazing marinade includes

(This marinade was taken from Malcolm Reeds beef rib recipe I tweaked it just a bit)

1 stick butter melted

4oz Beef Broth

2oz soy sauce

2oz Worchester

2 tbsp. Minced garlic  

2Tbsp dried parsley

Mix all ingredients together and make a foil boat and pour equal amounts of marinade over the Ribs and wrap them tight and return them to the grill for 2 hours at 250* looking in on them about 1 ½ hours to check for tenderness

When Tender Remove from the heat source and rest for 30min slice and serve

Tender as can be about 2 hours later

heres what a cut rib looked like

and just a plate of bones left for fido

I hope you find this inspiring  and give it a try



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Yes, it was inspiring. However , here in oihO , there's no meat (to speak of) on the bones ; and  I'm not paying $4. or more per pound for bones :icon_evil:.

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I totally understand the price vs the meat issue

I found these for 2.79 a lb. from a local butcher shop

This shop is known for high overly priced meat and I rarely walk through the door there but  these were very meaty beef backs

I however will say I wont be making these on a regular basis and I wouldn't have considered  buying them at $4+ a lb.  but for the price I paid took a chance and was pleasantly surprised how meaty & tasty they were

Thanks for your thoughts............ you are right why pay for a slab o bones

P.S I enjoy your posts!


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Those are some beefy and good looking ribs there!  Yum! 


I have yet to cook beef ribs, I've done several baby backs and some spares..  My problem is similar to Oldschoolbbq's.. Dillons has had beef ribs on sale for several weeks here (Kroger brand), just doesn't look like there is any meat on the bones.. :icon_confused: 

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