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My First Whole Chicken - With QView

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I finally got to use my AMNPS this weekend. I was very pleased with the results. I have learned a lot from this community so far. 


Bird Number One - 

Brand - Smart Chicken

Preparation - Italian Dressing marinade


Bird Number Two - 

Brand - Kadejan ( This place is right by my parents house so getting this kind of quality is awesome)

Preparation - Slaughter house injector marinade. 


Both birds got rubbed down with my BBQ rub ( I had a hard time getting the rub to stick. I should have dried the birds better.)


I started out with Hickory charcoal to preheat the smoker. 


Then I switched to the good stuff. I am thinking about switching to this as my go to charcoal. 



Time to light my Amaze-N Tube Smoker I put a mixture of Pecan and Applewood at the bottom then filled the top with a bit of Hickory.  I placed the smoker at the bottom of the food chamber away from the heat of the fire box



Loaded the birds 

This is after a hour or so


I think this is what ya'all call thin blue smoke, thoughts?

. I was having trouble keeping temps as the outside temp was dropping and it was pitch black out. So I decided to move to the oven. 3.25 hours on the smoker 45 minutes in the oven. 

After a 20 minute nap!

Cut up and on the plate



The flavor was wonderful. The leftovers are going into a smoked chicken and wild rice soup!

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Look at that color!!




No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Very nice
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Nice looking Birds...Thumbs Up

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