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Kielbasa Time! (W/ pics!)

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So started a batch of Kielbasa for a tailgate next weekend.  Plan to grill it to reheat, but am going to smoke/poach it tomorrow.

Started with Shanon's recipe here:

Modified it slightly to include both minced(fresh from a jar) garlic as well as some granulated garlic.  Used the basic recipe on the other site but added 2 grams of granulated to go with the 5 of minced.  Left everything else the same.

Cut a butt up in strips and ground and ended up with ~ 3.6 kg of pork.  So multiplied the ratios and mixed it in.

Stuffed it into some casings and did my best to twist off into equal size links... Well, I think I could use some more help on stuffing as some areas I had a few blowouts, others seemed to have a few air pockets, but nothing major.  Def. need more help with getting into equal size links... mostly did 2-3 twists at each link.  Any tips/tricks on doing this?  I did it after stuffing.

Here are some pics... more to come tomorrow evening after I smoke/poach tomorrow afternoon/night.  I plan to smoke them for 4-6 hours at 150-170 with some apple wood, then poach in 170 until 160 internal.  I'll then let them bloom, dry out, and cool for an hour before vacuum sealing to eat later this week.





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Looks tasty! Gonna be a nice smoke!
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Sausage looks great!!!!!!


Just a heads up, There's a big difference between using freshly minced garlic and jarred garlic. IMHO freshly minced garlic makes for a better tasting kielbasa. I stay away from the jarred and powdered.......Try next time......



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Next time I'll use fresh and compare.  At least this was a fresh (opened just for this) jar!

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Into the smoker at 140 for an hour before adding smoke....

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2thumbs.gif Nice job!


The sausage looks great!

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After the smoke...

Into the hot water bath...

Up to 155-160 and into the ice bath...

Dry and bloom time before vacuum sealing....
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Very Nice. t color on them!:drool:

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Money shot...


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Wow, very nice.
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Excellent job, it looks great! That is a very classic and authentic Polish recipe. It is very tasty. I just wanted to add, next time, hold out some that you will just simmer in water (IT of 160°F) or simmer and finish on the Grill. That style is called Fresh or White Kielbasa and has a different but excellent flavor from the better known Smoked Kielbasa...JJ

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I'll try that... though, I will likely be reheating these on the grill as well to get a little char into em.  That or cutting them up for a dish with potatoes, onions, bell peppers and sausage all fried up together.
And thanks for the compliments guys!

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Money shot...

Yeah that's the money shot! Nice Smoke! POINTS!!!
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Yes sir, nothing wrong with that! Nice looking sausage.

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Great looking Polish sausage! I just did up 10 lb's myself.
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Dang it that looks great nice job!!!



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