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First time smoking

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I just joined this forum and was told I should post here. I have been posting and updating in the role call forum. This is my first experience smoking. I decided on a pork butt for my first time. It's a 6lb butt. It's been on about 10 hours so far and is nearly ready for foil wrap. I think it looks pretty damn good! I'm using apple wood chunks.
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Wow, that looks great. Alot of people foil, I dont.
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Looks great. Keep on smoking. ..
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Looks good so far

My unwrapped pork butts take a long time to finish. I only wrapped BB once and I did not like the flavor. Never wrapped a pork shoulder.

If you have not done so, leave it unwrapped and see how you like it. But be prepared for a long smoke

Also welcome to SMF, there are a lot of great people, advice and ideas that are shared all of the smoked meat forums.

I have learned ALOT from these great people
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Looks great Ryan! Keep the tasty Qview coming! icon14.gif

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Keep the patience , your doing well. You picked a good Hunk of Meat to start on. Pig Shoulder is almost fool proof ,well let's say it's very forgiving.


That's looking grear for 4 hrs. You won't have as much good Bark with a wrapping , however it will be good :drool Try a finishing sauce with it :


Have fun and . . .

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