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Sweet Rub is Tasting Bitter

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Can anyone tell me what I might be doing wrong that would cause my sweet rub to taste bitter after cooking? I have used it several times and the first couple of times it was great.



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Bitter taste is a sign of improper burning of wood.

Is your smoke think and billowing when smoking? Im betting you have a heavy smoke and that is causing the bitter taste.
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Hard telling not knowing what's in it.th_dunno-1[1].gif

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Yes, the smoke is pretty thick for the most part.

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Bitter = bad burning wood. You need TBS.

Happy smoken.


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That means too much wood chunks or chips at once, or on the other plate you need to let the wood either burn to coals (lotsa wood like a fireplace) or get smal chunks really hot and then shut the dampers and it will make low energy charcoal, which has plenty of flavor, just not all the methane (cow fart gas) and crap you are currently heating out of the wood and onto your food now. Anywayz thats 3 different things you can do.
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Sweet rubs and sauces can burn on a grill.


Shouldn't happen at smoking temps?


I will join others in questioning the amount and quality of smoke.


Also, did you have good air flow?  Chimney fully open?


Good luck and good smoking.

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Originally Posted by bowdenrd View Post

Yes, the smoke is pretty thick for the most part.

What smoker do you have?
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Go for thin - blue smoke  :

  takes some practice , but better results.


And using a good fruit wood like Cherry will make Pork and Poultry really tasty...


Have fun and . . .

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From raw wood to this carbonized wood, then cook.

Not This for cooking. Let it settle a while first.
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