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20lbs of Beef Jerky

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Rytek Kutas' Teriyaki and Hot Pepper 



About 3-1/2hrs to go till they're done.

Mmmm...they sure smell good! 

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Q-view of sample batch 



They turned out really good. 


Next time I won't be in such a hurry and let the whole muscle(s) pieces freeze longer.

It caused some uneven slices (thickness), which made the drying process somewhat of a pain do to uneven drying.

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Looks good.


Share the recipe?

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Page 284

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If interested in the process.


So far, I've always used eye of round.


Trim and freeze



Slice with the grain



Cut into strips against the grain



Mix in marinade, refrigerate 24hrs turning over 4-5 times



Dehydrate (usually +/- 7hrs)


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